Cool Timeline Pro 3.5.2 – WordPress Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline Pro - WordPress Timeline Plugin

Updated on: January 25, 2021

Cool Timeline Pro 3.5.2 – WordPress Timeline Plugin, Cool Timeline Pro is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that showcases your life history timeline or your company’s story timeline in a responsive horizontal or vertical chronological order based on the year and the date of your posts.

Cool Timeline Pro WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Convert Your Blog into Timeline
  • Create Horizontal Timeline
  • Create Step by Step Tutorial Timeline
  • Add Cool Icons in Timeline
  • Create Timeline with Any Post-Type
  • Create Multiple Timeline Stories
  • Timeline Scrolling Navigation
  • Historical Dates
  • Stories Content Format
  • Stories Category Management
  • Advanced Style Options
  • Animation Effects
  • Stories Images in popup
  • Stories Images Slideshow
  • Mobile Compatibility View
  • Use via shortcode
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with all major browsers, including IE 
  • Single Sided Timeline Layout
  • Multiple Colour Skins – Dark, Light, MultiColour Timeline
  • Stories Pagination Feature
  • Creative Animation Effects
  • Create Multiple Timeline With Different Colour Skins
  • Adjust Stories Order(ASC/DESC) Using Shortcode
  • Add Time Along With Stories Date
  • Choose Any Historical Year (starting From Year 1000)
  • Create Multiple Timeline Using Shortcode
  • Add Slidershow, Video, Images in Timeline
  • Manage Stories Using Category Option
  • Add Beautiful Scrolling Navigation in Sidebar

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