WooCommerce Follow Ups 4.9.10 Nulled

Follow-Ups WooCommece Plugin

Updated on: December 18, 2020

WooCommerce Follow Ups 4.9.10 Nulled, Follow-Ups will Automatically contact customers after purchase – be it everyone, your most loyal or your biggest spenders – and keep your store top-of-mind.

WooCommerce Follow Ups Plugin Features:

  • Simple email creation
  • Group follow-ups into Campaigns
  • Send tweets
  • Full fledged reporting
  • Know thy students, customers, and prospects
  • Gain unrivaled control over your communications
  • RESTful API
  • Mailing lists
  • Free and custom templates
  • Personalized coupons
  • Newsletters and One-time Emails
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Sensei LMS? We’ve got you covered
  • Awesome integrations
  • Compound rules – bought this, but not that
  • Category/product inclusions and exclusions
  • Custom from/reply-to for every email
  • BCC support
  • 1000s of trigger event combinations
  • 100s of merge tags and variables
  • Support for custom variables
  • Archive/unarchive emails for future use
  • DKIM and SPF support
  • Bounce handling and support
  • Support, frequent updates, and custom services from plugin authors
  • Much more…

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