Free Download Super Carousel Premium v3.6.6 – Responsive WordPress

Updated on: July 2, 2020

Free Download Super Carousel Premium v3.6.6 – Responsive WordPress Plugin-Nulled Super Carousel v3.6.6 Allows user to create a carousel or slider in some easy steps. It has its own custom post type to manage images and content. Also supports Category, Tag, Posts and Custom post types. This means a content carousel or image carousel or slider can be easily created from posts, category, tags and any registered custom post type.

Plugin Features:

  • Creating photograph carousel from “Super Image”, posts or custom put up types
  • Creating publish carousel the use of post, category, tag, submit id or custom submit types
  • Easy after type photos together with draw and decay choices or put up method discipline chronic because put up content carousels
  • Lightbox, link then caption option available. Lightbox helps Youtube, Vimeo, images.
  • Adjust slides as much care of appointment and Width and Height
  • Special settings because pill yet mobile
  • Circular elapse effect
  • Adjust hole into slides
  • Auto peak option
  • Easy navigation because of subsequent / previous, pagination
  • 8 Navigation arrowhead styles
  • Custom class choice because of arrows
  • External photos be able stay old of photograph carousel
  • Auto move including pause time option and volatility regarding mouse over
  • Keyboard, mouse wheel, touch swipe options
  • Randomized elapse appearance option
  • Adjust sliding time
  • Continuous Scroll choice added
  • Super Twitter Widget included
  • Supports customized template because of Content Carousel

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