Microthemer Pro – The WordPress CSS editor

Microthemer Pro - The WordPress CSS editor

Updated on: January 2, 2021

Microthemer Pro – The WordPress CSS editor, Microthemer is a hugely popular live CSS editor for WordPress. Customize your theme with point and click editing, design responsive grids, integrate with page builders, learn Sass, and get great support.

Microthemer Pro Plugin Features:

  • Drag and drop CSS grid controls
  • Responsive design for mobile and tablets
  • Huge selection of CSS styling options
  • Quick and easy access to Google fonts
  • Live style editing preview
  • Customize any theme or plugin
  • Draft mode
  • Help and support whenever needed
  • Use as a JavaScript Editor
  • Integrates with key page builders
  • WordPress design for all levels
  • Supports developers to work faster
  • Inspect and edit in one place with computed CSS reporting
  • Clean, optimized code that won’t slow your site down
  • Export your designs between domains
  • Autosave and undo are there to help if you make a mistake

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